Intro to Moho Pro/Anime Studio 2D Illustration-Animation

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I designed a challenge for myself: create an introduction to Moho that would teach illustration, rigging and animation all in under 3 hours. During the course, create a human character and provide an animation demonstration.  

Welcome to my introduction to Moho Debut/Pro 12 (formerly Anime Studio). Moho is a 2D vector illustration, rigging and animation package all in one. You can use it to create easy to professional 2D animation (e.g. cartoons and promos).

To meet my challenge I had to:

  • Address only the most fundamental and important topics
  • Be extremely organised in my presentation
  • Keep moving!

The core topics addressed include:

Build Solid Bone Structure

  • Understanding Pose, Proportion, Perspective, Joints and Constraints
  • Designing an Optimal Skeletal Structure for Your Character


  • Constructing Perfect Knee and Elbow Joints
  • Drawing Your Character Torso
  • Tracing Your Character Head and Face
  • Cartoon Eyes Option Using Layer Masks


  • Binding Bones to Your Character
  • Switch Layers and Smart Bone Dials


  • Walk Cycle
  • Lip Syncing
  • Camera and Background Animation

This course is the first in a series of Moho courses that includes:

Introduction to Moho Pro Illustration, Rigging and Animation

Beginner Moho Pro Illustration, Rigging and Animation

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I'll see you in the classroom,


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to create 2D computer animation
  • Anyone who is having trouble understanding Moho
  • Anyone curious to view and introduction to 2D computer animation

Basic knowledge
  • A PC running Windows 10
  • A licensed or trial version of Moho Pro

What will you learn
  • Students will learn how to illustrate character and background images in Moho
  • Students will learn to rig their character for animation
  • Students will learn to animate a character to produce a video
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 19 Total Duration: 03:11:58

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