Introduction to Skeletal Modeling Applied on an Assembly using Autodesk Inventor

In This Course Learn Step By Step How To Apply Skeletal Modeling Using Autodesk Inventor. Master The Fundamentals Now!

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A Complete Guide On How To Apply Skeletal Modeling Using Autodesk Inventor


You will learn how to put all the information into one part and use it as a reference that is pushing its information throughout as many parts as you want into an assembly so that, as result,  your assembly and all its components are controlled from your reference.

Easily change the sizes of your assembly and select  certain options with just a few checkboxes 

We will just handle the modeling part of this technique we don't go into drawings yet for this will be a different course.

Basic knowledge
  • You got already familiar with enough different tools in the part environment and you are able to create all the parts you need
  • You have a good understanding of building an assembly
  • Creating custom parameters and expressions doesn’t scare you

What will you learn
  • Introduction and schematic representation 
  • Setting up a reference part
  • Building Parts based upon the reference geometry and parameters 
  • Making assembly with the created parts
  • Make the assembly ready to be controlled from an outside part
  • Linking numerical parameters to Boolean parameters
  • Suppressing or unsurprising features in a part  based upon the status of a Boolean parameter controlled from a reference part
  • Suppressing or unsurprising a part in an assembly based upon the status of a Boolean parameter controlled from a reference part
  • Final Notes
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