The Complete Walkthrough Of End To End Microsoft Azure Services

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A course with each section dedicated to Azure architecture, storage, network, compute, PaaS, databases, Analytics, IoT, Integration, Security, Monitoring and tools.

V2.4 05/2019 - Azure security section has been completely redone with latest developments in Azure.

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud platform in the world. This course is designed to help you to build strong foundation in Microsoft Azure. No prior Azure experience required.

This course has been designed with an architectural approach. In the first overview section of the course, I will introduce you to inner workings of Azure and take you through all key azure services at high level. Once overview is completed, we will deep dive into following layers of Azure service areas with several hands lab demonstrations.

  • Storage - Introduction to Azure storage services architecture; Storage account & Blob storage configuration using Azure portal; introduction to Azure file share and how to mount file share on a VM; Introduction to Azure tables, queues and disk storage; five layers of Azure storage security; Storage monitoring using Azure portal

  • Network - Introduction of Azure network architecture; Creation of Virtual network, Network security groups, NIC, UDR; Introduction to Load balancer, Application Gateway; Introduction to VPN gateway and different connectivity options

  • Compute - Introduction to compute building blocks; Virtual machine creation, storage, availability sets, VM scale sets & auto scaling; Taking backup of VM and security and monitoring of Virtual machines; Cloud service creation; Service fabric cluster creation

  • App services - Introduction to Azure app services building blocks; Creating and managing web apps, mobile apps, API apps; Auto scaling of app services; Securing and monitoring of App services; High level overview of Azure notification hub, mobile engagement, Content delivery network, media services and Azure search

  • Databases - Introduction to Azure database services building blocks; Creating and managing Azure SQL database; Configuration of firewall rules, Azure active directory admin, Active Geo replication; Overview of SQL managed instance; Walkthrough of five layers of security; Azure SQL database monitoring; Overview & creation of COSMOS database; Overview and creation of Azure data factory; Overview of SQL stretch and SQL data warehouse

  • Deliver Big Data Solution on Azure  - Introduction to Azure Analytics services; Introduction to Data Lake Store; Creation of Data Lake Store; Migrate the data from SQL Database into Data Lake store using Data Factory; Introduction to Azure HDInsight; Process the data in blob storage using Azure HDInsight hive query; Introduction to Data Bricks; Use Data Bricks to process data from data lake store; Migrate data into SQL Data warehouse using data factory; Introduction to Power BI, Data Explorer and Data Catalog and lab demos on how to create and manage them.

  • Deliver Application Integration on Azure - Introduction to Azure Integration services; Introduction to Azure Logic Apps; Creation of Logic app to process incoming JSON message; Introduction to Azure functions; Create an Azure function and trigger from logic app; Introduction to Azure service bus; Create service bus queue and insert message into service bus from logic app; Introduction to on-premise data gateway; Access file system in Azure VM from logic app via data gateway; Introduction to Enterprise Integration pack; Develop logic app and validate XML using integration account; Introduction to Event Grid

  • Internet of things (IoT) - Walkthrough of IoT Building blocks; Introduction to Event Hub; Creation of Event Hub and post events; Introduction to IoT Hub; Creation of IoT Hub and apply device configuration to devices; Send messages into IoT Hub using simulated device; Overview of IoT Hub communication; Configure message routing in IoT hub; Introduction to Stream Analytics; End to end event flow from simulated device to Power BI; Trigger an Azure function from Stream Analytics; Overview of Azure IoT Edge, Device provisioning services, IoT Central, IoT Solution accelerators; Introduction to Azure Time series Insights; View event data using Azure Time series insights explorer

  • Security - Introduction to Azure security related services; Introduction to Azure active directory and configure user settings. Introduction to Role Based Access Control; Creation of custom roles and dynamic groups; Introduction to conditional based access policies and implement location based conditional access policy; Introduction to Azure policies and implement them; Introduction to Security Centre and implement preventive measures; Introduction to Azure Key vault and access secret securely from Azure web app

  • Monitoring & Diagnostics - Operations management suite, Monitor, Log analytics, Application Insights, Automation, Backup and disaster recovery

  • Tools - Azure power shell, Azure REST APIs, ARM Templates, Storage explorer, Storage emulator

This course contains both theory lectures ( slides are attached to download for reference) and a significant number of hands-on demos that helps you in gaining hands-on experience in key Azure services. This course help you in laying strong basic foundation in preparation of Microsoft Azure certifications.

Microsoft Azure is a constantly evolving platform and I will be keep close watch on Azure announcements and add new demos wherever possible.

So, start taking this course and put yourself in high demand in the world of IT and command higher salary!!!

Basic knowledge
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Basic understanding of Visual Studio for few lab demonstrations where coding is needed

What will you learn
  • Get an excellent understanding of Azure architecture and end to end Azure services offerings
  • Gain hands on experience in creating storage accounts and using blob, table and file storage services
  • Creation and configuration of Virtual networks, Network Security Groups, User defined routes and Azure load balancer
  • Creation and configuration of Virtual machines, Availability sets, Scale sets, Azure backup, Cloud Service, Service Fabric
  • Creation and configuration of Azure web apps, Mobile apps, API apps, App service Backup, monitoring and integrate with AAD
  • Creation and configuration of Azure SQL database, firewall rules, COSMOS DB, Data factory etc.
  • Creation and configuration of Data Lake store, Data Bricks, Data Explorer, Power BI, Data Catalog etc
  • Creation and configuration of Azure logic apps, Functions, Service bus, On-premise data gateway, Integration account etc
  • Creation and configuration of Event hub, IoT hub, Stream Analytics, Time Series Insights etc
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 177 Total Duration: 23:51:16

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