Cost Classification, Regression, CVP Analysis and Budgeting

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This course has been designed for students studying Managerial Accounting at the under-graduate or post-graduate level.

You will learn the following -

  • Define cost behaviour and explain the concepts of variable, fixed and mixed costs
  • Calculate fixed and variable costs using the high-low method and regression analysis
  • Calculate costs using learning curve data
  • Calculate all variables required for CVP analysis
  • Carry out multi-product break-even analysis and sensitivity analysis
  • Define all aspects of budgeting and produce company budgets as well as the Cash-flow statement

Basic knowledge
  • First year in Accountancy

What will you learn
  • You will learn how to classify costs, analyse costs using regression analysis and learning curves. You will also learn all aspects of Cost volume profit analysis. Finally you will learn the theory of budgeting as well as the practicality of financial budgets and cash-flow statements
  • This course will also go through several tutorial and examination questions to teach you the application of the principals taught
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 12 Total Duration: 09:21:18

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