Adobe InDesign Tutorial: Your Complete Guide to InDesign

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Master Adobe InDesign Fundamentals [Within 20 Hours]


Written a book, need a professional design, yet the prices that freelance designers ask are way too high? Or, perhaps, you're a designer yourself who's looking for a way to climb the career ladder and increase your salary? Whatever the case might be, if you're in need of a professional design, it's always best to make it yourself. To do so, you need the skills and knowledge of Adobe InDesign - that's exactly what you'll get once you take this Adobe InDesign tutorial.

Why Choose This Adobe InDesign Tutorial?

A lot of people that want to learn how to use InDesign turn to various graphic design courses, tutorials and video lessons. Many of these sources might often seem half-made and left, or they might simply be all out of place and it can be hard to understand what is what. In this Adobe InDesign tutorial, however, you will find a clearly structured list of lessons, starting from the very basics of InDesign all the way up to advanced techniques.

Furthermore, many of other Adobe InDesign courses might take hours of stale theoretical information until they finally reach the point where you can create your first project. In this Adobe InDesign tutorial, you will be able to create your very first design starting from lesson one! There's no use in learning dry theory if you can't simultaneously practice it, am I right?

What is InDesign?

So what is this magical tool that I've been going on about? Adobe InDesign is one of the most beloved programs that designers from all around the world use on a daily basis. If you want to learn graphic design online, your sights should be fixed on this particular design tool. It allows you to easily customize and create book covers, ebooks, PDFs and everything in between!

No longer will you need to spend hundreds of dollars on freelancer services to create some simple designs for you. Instead, once you learn how to use InDesign, you can take matters into your own hands and start earning money from InDesign through freelancing work yourself! Some people do it as a side job, others choose to focus only on their day job instead. Even here, you will be able to both improve the quality of your work and simultaneously upgrade your salary!

Who Can Learn in this Adobe InDesign Couse?

Whether you're a student searching for a legitimate method of improving your school projects or a professional designer that seeks to take his or her works to a whole new level - everybody's welcome! Both beginners and experts will find new and useful things to learn in this Adobe InDesign tutorial.

With so many graphic design courses to choose from, it's best to decide on one that will give you the most valuable information presented in an easily understandable manner. All that you will need for this course is going to be the program (Adobe InDesign) itself and a computer to use it on. No prior experience is required! Even if you're a complete beginner when it comes to design, at the end of the course you will be able to create professional graphics! So, don't hesitate and see you on the other side of this Adobe InDesign tutorial!

Basic knowledge
  • Ability to Use Adobe InDesign
  • No Further Requirements!

What will you learn
  • Learn to Design Professional Graphics
  • Learn to Use All of the Main InDesign Tools
  • Learn to Design Everything from Books to Pamphlets
  • Understand the Process from The Very Beginning to the End
Course Curriculum
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