Animation: A Quick Course To Learn Stop Motion Animation

Learn How To Create Your Own Short Animated Video With A Well-Developed Story Unique Characters Nice Settings. Learn Stop Motion Animation Now!

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Master The Fundamentals Of Stop Motion Animation Method


Have you ever watched old cartoons? Some of them are made in a technique that is called "stop-motion". It means that every scene in the cartoon was developed by a variety of pictures, where one is slightly different than the other one. Such a difference creates a sense of motion when those images are put together. This is exactly what we will do in this course! Stop motion animation!

Basic knowledge
  • For this course, you will need to know how to use soft clay and how to play around with it to create shapes.
  • You will also need some basic understanding of film editing programs (expectance level: know how to put pictures in the timeline of the program and add music on top). You will also need some skills with photo editing programs.
  • Even though we will guide you through all steps- it is much easier if you have some pre-knowledge!

What will you learn
  • You will learn how to create your own short animated video with a well-developed story, unique characters and nice settings. You will merge soft clay applications with modern technology and get unbelievable results!
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 14 Total Duration: 02:19:20

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