Yohann Taieb

Yohann Taieb, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Florida International University (FIU), is a leading expert in mobile game programming, app flipping, and reskinning. Yohann has been a college instructor for over 10 years, and yes, he loves to teach! He teaches his pet subjects, development and technology courses on iOS 9, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Swift, Unity 3D, Pixel Art, Photoshop for programmers, and Android through his very endearing hands-on, personalized and detailed style of teaching. The proof of how well his courses have gone down with his students is that more than 50,000 of students have published their own apps.

Many of these have become superhits in the iTunes Store, and many others have been featured by publishing groups like WIRED magazine, Yahoo! News, and Forbes.com. in fact, thousands of his students make a living using iOS 11, Swift 4, Objective C (ObjC), Machine Learning, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Android, Apple Watch (watchOS), Apple TV (TVOS), Unity 3D, and Pixel art animation.

Yohann is also an entrepreneur. Now, proof of this: he owns over 100 mobile apps and games across the App Store and the Google Play store. Yohann’s purpose loves enabling his students and others who come into contact him harness the latest technology to make amazing things.

Courses from Yohann Taieb