Brent Chapman

At the very least, Brent is a versatile expert. He is an information security engineer with over 15 years of experience in information technology and cyber security. Brent is the co-author of McGraw-Hill's CompTIA CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification All-in-One Exam Guide. He was formerly assigned as project manager at the Secretary of Defense's Defense Innovation Unit Experiment (DIUx) in Silicon Valley. And then, Brent is a former US Army veteran, having served the nation for ten years on active duty, during which his roles included those of intelligence analyst, communications officer, network engineer, and cyber operations officer.

That’s not all to Brent. As a researcher at the Army Cyber Institute (ACI), Brent worked extensively on emerging information security and cyber warfare issues, with a specialized focus on field-expedient solutions and countermeasures. At West Point, he took up many unique assignments, including those of researcher and instructor.

Brent is no less accomplished when it comes to academic qualifications: apart from a BS from West Point and an MS from Carnegie Mellon University; Brent has industry certifications in incident handling, computer forensics, and network security (GCIH, GCFA, CISSP, CySA+). He is a professional member of the Association of Computing Machinery, FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class license holder, and contributor to several technical and maker-themed publications. 

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