Steven Lawrence Fernandes

Sharing his passion for passion for his pet subjects Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Data Science comes naturally to Dr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes. It is his rich researching skills gained while doing his PhD in the area of Deep Learning for Medical Image Classification at University of Alabama Birmingham that comes into play at the courses he teaches at Simpliv.

Dr. Fernandes specializes in researching and teaching Raspberry Pi. This is natural, considering that he has five years of experience in developing Computer Vision applications in Raspberry Pi. Dr. Fernandes loves to immerse himself head-on with developing various innovative Computer Vision applications on Raspberry Pi, a passion he is passionate about sharing with his students at Simpliv. 

Dr. Fernandes has jointly published more than 50 Research Articles for sources such as Science Citation Indexed (SCI) Journals, Emerging Sources Citation Indexed (ESCI) Journals, and Scopus (Elsevier) indexed Journals. Contributed into 22 Research Chapters for Springer Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC) book series and presenting 18 Research Articles in various IEEE, ACM, Elsevier International Conferences are some of his other academic achievements.