Robert Sullivan


Rob Sullivan, MA, MBA, FIstLM, FRSA is a professional speaker, coach, mentor and teacher. He has spent many years as a Professor and teacher in online and distance as well as face-to-face teaching internationally.  

You are in good hands.

His sole mission is to provide YOU with the tools that empower you to ignite your dreams,  unleash your full potential and fulfill your purpose in life . He is here to help you get in control of your life, deliver the dreams of you and your family and be a real success in all aspects of your life.

I am a business professor with a Master’s Degree in Economics, an MBA in Business and many other related qualifications.

I previously was a Fast-Track Civil Servant and Consultant and worked with many Cabinet Ministers and UK Prime Ministers including Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair.

I have also conducted numerous consultancy projects with Blue Chip and high profile organisations such as BP, IBM, HP, Apple, Ford, CompaQ, Dell, Facebook, Google, HM Treasury, HM Cabinet Office, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, ASCO, Sodexo, Peterson

In recognition of my work and passion I was invited to Fellowship of the prestigious Royal Society of Arts as well as to the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Robert is a keen researcher in the field of leadership, management and entrepreneurship with over 30 Peer-Reviewed publications.

He has taught in University Business Schools internationally including Open University, Strathclyde Business School, Barcelona University, Univ of South Carolina, Hong Kong University, London University, Leicester University and Liverpool University.

I am totally committed to making my highest level expertise available to you at unbelievably great value. I see this as an opportunity to give the many people here access to my thoughts and passion that normally costs many thousands of dollars.

I am fortunate in being a Mentor at Richard Branson's Virgin Group and a coach to many top-level executives.

I thank you for giving me this opportunity to reach out to you and know and hope that together we will make a difference!

Join with the many thousands of students is over 151 Countries and take one or more of my course right now while they are available.