Bhushan Pawar

Love to teach computers "how to behave".

An entrepreneur from the heart and innovative by the mind, experiencing full stack development in multiple programming platforms. Try to quote and express me in the industry with learned and developed architectural designs and development of software products.

Like to analyze and compose system designs, load balancing and algorithmic solutions to critical systems. Used to planning, evaluating and building of complex applications, execution of complete SDLC, STLC, Deployment on multiple environments.

Love to do integration across services, dependency injection, job schedulers, detection plus rescue services, auto-deploy programs and security algorithms. Experienced about Google, Facebook API integration in products for digital marketing platforms. Installation of server systems, web development and collaboration of it, transaction control with "Redis", "Database Replication", "Linux", "ELK".

Currently, lead developer of portals solving "manufacturing industry issues of user and things collaboration" facing in web and powered by Java, MEAN stack with SAP integration.

If you find interesting it would be my pleasure to hear from you.

Courses from Bhushan Pawar