Mehmood Shaikh

PHP Developer

Hi, i am Mehmood Shaikh

I am a web developer with a passion of keep on learning new things and help others. After completing post graduation in computers i started working as a PHP Developer and at the same time i started learning new frameworks on PHP. 

After working for few years i realize that i should start helping others by sharing whatever knowledge i have on PHP to others. That's when i decided to make my first video tutorial series on PHP Interview Questions & Answer series on udemy. 

This video tutorial series i have created to help those students who want to prepare for interviews and to build that confidence before facing the interview.

In this video tutorial series i will discussing some of the basic, advanced and important frequently asked questions at the time of interviews on PHP. I have tried to answer each and every question in quite detail, so that readers won't get any confusion after watching this series. This tutorial series will give you a complete knowledge on frequently asked interview questions and you will be able to crack any interview on PHP if you watch this complete tutorial series.

Courses from Mehmood Shaikh