Jantawee Supha

Thai language Instructor

Being a Thai instructor, I learned how my students learn Thai. Throughout the years of giving lessons to many students, I have developed an expertise in teaching Thai. I am here to share my knowledge and hope to help you learn better and increase your chance of success. The method I use is different from any textbooks that I have used so far in my career. I learned that being a native speaker doesn’t make it easier to teach Thai. I needed the right way to help students learn better and avoid common mistakes new beginners make.

The course I made are designed to help you gradually build up your Thai skills with a strong foundation as you move forward with each lesson. My goal is to help you build a strong language core so that you can independently pursue your own learning in the future with confidence. I have used the same technique in 1-1 lessons and many students found them useful and effective. That’s the reason why I’m confident to share them with you today.

I hope to create the best learning experience possible for those who take my course. You can always reach out to me for support. I would love to hear from you!