Vlad Kuznetsov PhD


I was always interested in self-improvement. I started working out at the age of 15 and built strong muscular body and I thought I would be perceived as more confident. I also wanted to have a strong confident voice and be able to do public speaking. In fact I was terrified of it. The thought of speaking in front of people, made it even worse. I would shake, have adrenaline running in overdrive and when that happens my voice would sound high pitched and shaky. That would make me even more anxious and self-conscious and the vicious cycle would start. I learned how to conquer that fear and along the way I learned what it takes to develop a strong deep confident voice that owns the room. That voice would help me to overcome anxiety and would serve as my ally every time I would be in front of people. I have even started doing improv theater, public speaking, storytelling. Imagine that?? It opened up a range of opportunities for me that I never knew existed. Now, I want to teach you how to do the same, how to have a strong confident voice that works for you. What would you do with it?