School for knowledge

Welcome to the School of Knowledge. Established in 2015, the School of Knowledge is the brainchild of Michael and Yael Waknin. Micheal, a businessman and entrepreneur has several thriving businesses in Europe while Yael has a successful marketing firm with clients from all over the world.

Michael and Yael are also the minds behind the largest social knowledge 

marketplace in the world called Koocam is a community of experts 

and learners from all over the world, transferring knowledge on cam to enrich daily experiences. Whatever you want to know, you can find at Koocam.

Michael and Yael started the School of Knowledge because of their desire to share their vast business and everyday knowledge to the world.

Michael and Yael are digital nomads, traveling the world for over 5 years, learning new things in every destination, immersing themselves in local cultures and gaining valuable experiences. Traveling has afforded Michael and Yael the opportunity to create a vast collection of knowledge from all over the world which can now be shared via the School of Knowledge.

The School of Knowledge has a variety of subjects that are being taught by the best teachers in their fields. Experts from all over the world converge in the School of Knowledge to share valuable information to enhance a learner’s understanding and knowledge of the world. Michael and Yael have worked hard to build the School of Knowledge and to collect the

information available in it. 

If you are looking to learn something new or need information on whatever subject, the School of Knowledge is a treasure trove that you can explore. Everything is available in the School of Knowledge; from basic mathematics to the most complex of philosophies. And thanks to Michael and Yael’s globe-trotting quest for knowledge, you will also get unbiased

advice on your next travel destination – hotel, attractions and food guides included. Join us and our growing number of happy students to expand your knowledge of the world and beyond. Join the 50,000 students and enjoy the ride!

Courses from School for knowledge