Leisa Eining

I designed and taught courses for an online school for eight years on writing skills including creative and analytical thinking, essential research skills, critical thinking, persuasive writing, formal logic, apologetics, polemics, and multimedia presentation creation.

Now, I create courses full-time to help writers in all stages of their writing career from beginner to experienced including how to take full advantage of writer's tools like Scrivener and also how to discover your writing personality so that you can work with it, instead of fighting against it--and then use it to plan your writing career.

Don't try to write the way you THINK you should write, write in the way that works best for your personality. Your writing personality indicates whether you prefer writing nonfiction or fiction, what genres you will be the most successful writing, whether it will be more effective to collaborate or write alone, what type of research methods you'll use, what type of writing environment will inspire you to write, and whether you work better on a structured, detailed writing plan, or a more flexible and less structured one.