Wayne Farrell

Wayne Farrell is a lifelong learner and passionate about inspiring others to achieve their full potential. 

He is an internationally accredited trainer of multiple disciplines and methodologies. These include NLP, Coaching, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™, Body Language and other personal development courses. This gives him the benefit of having a more rounded approach to working both with his student’s and one to one clients. He runs a successful international practice, working with people from around the world.   

He has been delivering personal growth and development courses, professional skill-based training and coaching services for individuals and organisations since 2010. Having served thousands of people from various countries around the world. 


After leaving the army with the rank of lieutenant, Wayne spent almost 20 years in sales. He found that people are all very different and as such each require a different approach. A one size fits all approach simply does not work. This is true in all areas of our lives. From education, therapy, coaching, parenting etc.   


With the birth of his daughters, Wayne wanted to be a better dad to his children than he experienced as a child. This and the fact that he loves to inspire others to achieve their fullest potential, led him on a journey of learning and personal mastery. 


He has a longer term goal of helping people out of food poverty and teaching them how to grow and live self sustainable. Helping people to break free from many of the limitations society have led us to believe are true and real. You are the master of your destiny and writer of your life story. So take control of your life and write and live your master piece.

Favorite quote:

"You will get everything you ant in life, if you help enough other people get what they want." Zig Ziglar

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