My name is Thomas Inauen but my friends call me Tom. I founded Tomtricks in 2008 in Appenzell/Switzerland. I never thought that Tomtricks would become what it is today. It is much more than a tricking school - It is a tricking family, a lifestyle and a place to be among my best friends.

I am a qualified Fitness Trainer and I am currently training to become

a Personal Trainer. I have been practising martial arts for many

years. I am very passionate about training in general and I travel

abroad regularly to enlarge my knowledge.Acrobatics and martial arts have always been my big passion and I would like to

share my knowledge and my fascination with you.

I love to help people to improve their fitness and I teach a variety of movements in the field of tricking, aikido, and acrobatics.

Thank you for being here, I appreciate it a lot!

Thomas Inauen