Brian Quinn


Coach Brian has been coaching swimming and running his swimming schools for over 25 years. He has a passion for teaching parents how to instruct their own children to swim faster as well adults to teach themselves to swim. 

The techniques taught focus on the 2 most important road blocks to learning to swim. He is a kid whisperer & swimming expert that passionately shares his secrets in a fun and interesting video heavy course. 

The leading cause of death for children under 5 in most states is drowning. ¼ of US adults can't swim and the leading cause of death for autistic adults is drowning. These statistics are worse in other countries.

We want kids to learn to swim faster as well develop strength, coordination, and athletic skills starting as toddlers. Our Swimming, Sports, Life Coach courses / videos teach parents to connect teach and move with their children. We can make these programs affordable for everyone using this amazing sponsorship platform.

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Our mission -

Provide World Class and super fun courses / videos that adults and children participate in together.

Provide World Class Adult Learn to Swim Courses / Videos that work. 

Consulting services for potential Swimming and Sports Coaches interested in learning a skill.

Swimming School development consulting

Partner with businesses dedicated to providing athletic resources and products for children. 

Courses from Brian Quinn