Doctor Profit

Dejhano “Doctor Profit” James, a proud graduate of The Cornwall College High School for Boys, was born and raised in Jamaica. Upon completion of his college studies in Natural Sciences, he was promptly introduced to the World of Trading. After acquiring a little over a year’s experience trading, Dejhano quickly grasped the concept of foreign exchange trading. Gathering Years’ worth of knowledge in a few months, he chose to enroll in Medical School where he would go on to become the World’s Greatest Medical Trader. Upon matriculation into University of the West Indies’ Medical Program, he was appointed President of his Class for his Campus, Campus Representative of the Medical Sibling Committee and with his knack for making exceptional trading decisions; he was chosen to become the Treasurer of his Campus’ Medical Science Committee. His trading experience along with his continued study of the human body and its endless potential, inspired him to make it his life’s goal to inspire others to believe in themselves and unleash their endless potential. With the OMG Platform, he has furthermore been recognized and commended for being the living proof that the only limits you have are the ones you impose on yourself.