Angela Poch


I am certified life coach, certified nutritionist, level 2 TEAM-CBT therapist, and faith based counselor. I started this journey of health and happiness for myself but that naturally grew into a desire to teach others what I learned about healthy living and how powerful our choices are. More and more evidence reveals, as we work on a healthy lifestyle, we help our body avoid stressors that can lead to disease. And as we work on healthy lifestyle choices we improve mood too. It’s a win, win! That got me excited.

So, I researched, went to school (on and off for several years now) and I now have over 9000 students from 139 countries on several platforms. We offer plant based, vegan, vegetarian, recipes and cooking. My signature 2 hour course: Optimal Health - Your Journey to a Long & Happy Life is completely free of charge.

But, I discovered sometimes we need more than information, sometimes we need support, encouragement and a place to sort through challenges. That’s when I decided to become a counsellor. I now provide personal support online through one-on-one life coaching and counselling.

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