David Winegar

I have more than 20 years experience working in managing and leading people in tech and consulting with multinational companies to coach and develop people. I have been in 2 million-dollar venture funded companies, one in travel in San Francisco and another in mobile in Helsinki, Finland. I have worked around the globe in coaching and developing people and organizations. I am also the author or two books on applied neuroscience, "Brainsights" and "The Elevator Pitch of You" both available on Amazon worldwide.

I am teaching two types of courses, the first is in coding and developing applications with no coding, and the second is in developing skills for improving yourself in business.

I am a firm believer in helping people to achieve their best and to discover more about the world and about tech. One of my missions, both in the tech side and in the people side, is to take complicated subjects and make the easy to understand and use.

I thank my students who have taken my courses to date and invite new students to join me in this learning adventure that is life.

I hope you enjoy my courses and find innovative ways to use what I teach you to achieve your dreams.

Courses from David Winegar