Shaikh Jamal Uddin

Cyber Security Trainer

Shaikh Jamal Uddin is a computer and cyber security expert and has done B.S. in Computer Engineering as well as CPTE, CEH, ECSA, IBM QRadar Certified, TCSE (TrendMicro), KLCC (Kaspersky), MCSA, MCITP professional certifications. Recently, he got Cisco Global CyberSecuirty Scholarship which will assist him to work with Cybersecurity Analysts within Security Operations Centers (SOC’s). He found SQL injection vulnerability at NASA website, Clickjacking vulnerability at BarracudaLabs and XSS vulnerability at Microsoft. Jamal has over 13 years of information security, privacy, system, compliance and industry security risks hands-on experience.

 Jamal is a technology idealistic and cyber security professional who flourishes on resolving complex problems. His primary love is cyber security, but he comprehends that in order to be successful at safeguarding an organization, you must have a comprehensive understanding of networks and related fields. He is loving about customer service and his role as a cyber security expert and always surpasses his clients’ expectations. Jamal is addicted to Infosec and is trying to support to the community by adding a “defending companies in today’s evolving threat environment” and always ready to quest of challenging assignments in Information Security. He executes leading-edge security consulting and works in research and development as a security expert to advance the state of the art in information security.

 Jamal has a proven track record of building out Information Security Management Systems, enabling enhanced integration, automation, Vulnerability (Risk) assessment Solutions, Gap Analysis, Security operations Center, investigated Hacker Methodology using Cyber Kill Chain model in CyberFraud, Access control, Endpoint Security, encryption, patch management, File integrity Monitor solution to track any unauthorized modification, investigated the strengths and weaknesses of (applications, security architectures, and network devices), enforce security policies, and IBM QRadar SIEM Solution.

Courses from Shaikh Jamal Uddin