Mittan Gupta

I have started my career as Information Technology Instructor in 2002 and trained thousands of students and most of the students are successful in their life. During my teaching experience I realized, if a person know exactly what he/she wants after that it’s really easy to find the direction to achieve life’s goal.

In May 2016 I have started my YouTube channel to share my passion with people and I received very good response on YouTube channel, within a year 130000 subscribers connected with my channel. I have uploaded 65 videos on YouTube and few of them are very popular. That’s why I have created these motivational courses. Simpliv is really great option to share online courses. I really feel happy when people grow in their life and achieve their dream life. I believe everybody have unlimited potential but due to lack of proper direction they are not utilizing their full potential. My teaching process is very easy and understandable. Everything, I teach is based on techniques, strategies and concepts that work in the real world.  


I have 15 years career experience in IT industry with teaching. I worked in India and USA. If you want to see my career information please search on linkedin(Mittangupta).