Minela Kerla

Doctor in Education

I am a teacher, language trainer, teacher's coach, mentor, doctor of education, an educational scientist, adviser and author. I went to teacher training high school, after what I study literature at Sarajevo University, Faculty of Philosophy. In a in a field of educational science, I did my master studies at Zenica University, Pedagogical faculty and my doctoral studies at Sarajevo University, Pedagogical Faculty and University of Jyväskylä. After my doctoral studies, I got a certificate in TOESL (by Arizona University, USA) and Bilingual Brain (By Houston University, USA), and continue studying languages online (Italian, Spanish, Turkish)

All my life I have been trained "to be the best teacher" and "help students achieve their goals", so, I did my best. I worked for 5 years in secondary and high school, where I taught south Slavic language(s) and literature. Later on, I worked for a while as an Expert Associate in the Education Research at the Methodology Department of Faculty of Sport. I was active in the fields of project coordination, curriculum development, workshops for self-esteem development and programs for intercultural sensitivity and competence.   

Since 2012 onwards I have been an online language teacher, coach and adviser at the online language platforms and a founder and president of The Association of Online Educators. 

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