Huni Hunfjord

Huni Hunfjord is a Mindfulness, Mindset and Parental Development Coach. Healer, Teacher, Music Composer and Best Selling Author. 

He is the author of You are FREAKING AWESOME, Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% Children, Watchon Sleeping Habits and Routines, The Mentorian, Our Road without Boundaries and Founder of the Watchon brand and Focus Gym Be you! Children and entrepreneurship are core to his life. Huni loves creating apps, music videos and interactive stories centered around children that parents can use to help them grow and develop into the best possible version of themselves. His book Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% Children has grown out of that commitment to excellence and helping future generations succeed beyond their wildest dreams, creating average jedi's all over. Maybe Huni is best known for his work in his best seller You are FREAKING AWESOME, that gives you a holistic view of life and is packed with exercises and method to live a better, more productive and healthier life.

Huni has secured a piece of land in Kenya for his 35+ orphans, where he is building a school for the orphans he takes care off. To learn more about that project, see my website.

Remember that you are freaking awesome! If you don't know that right now, then you have just forgotten.