Payal Goda

Self-love & Mind Coach

I’m PAYAL GODA, founder of SHAKTI: the POWER within you. I’m a Self-Love Coach, Certified NLP Subconscious Re-imprinting Coach, Certified Advanced Memory & Student NLP Coach, Motivational Speaker & PD Trainer .

Through SHAKTI's self-love & mind coaching programs, I guide, mentor, coach and counsel people to unleash & utilize humongous power untouched within them to live a life of their dreams!! My insights and enlightening programs have helped thousands of people in overcoming their different mental blockages & emotional issues. My programs bring the best version of you: they help you to know your damaging belief systems; enlighten you about some effective mental and emotional techniques as tools for transformation, and enable you to live the life of your dreams. 

I vision to enlighten every being about the giant SHAKTI they hold within & guide them to utilize it to create the life of fulfillment. I aim & work diligently to ensure that people get easy access to invaluable mind & emotions techniques that can enable them to have healthy body, peaceful mind, happy and loving relationships, successful career, enhanced confidence and better performance in all arenas of life. 

Through my sessions & workshops, I help you to align your inner self which aids you to manifest your dreams & goals effectively & easily. Moreover, I capacitate you to overcome your addictions, compulsive behavior, negative belief systems by training you to tap into your subconscious mind and heal it with super transforming mind and emotions techniques. Furthermore, I provide you mind tools to break your limited, repetitive unproductive thinking patterns and blockages that have put your life into a rut.

I conduct both public workshops and personalized coaching sessions. My one to one coaching sessions are available in all forms: in person, over the phone and online.

I’ve conducted public workshops in several cities on the topics like Power of unconditional love, Empowered Shakti (for women), Love you Zindagi, I’m the CREATOR of my own DESTINY (for all), I love Myself (Self-love Program (for all), Wellness is Wealth (for all), Break up your past & date your future (Students & youth), Decode I (for all), Refined Raw (for children) & Raising the bar (for Corporate Employees) . 

Start your journey of Self-love with me & Create a life of your dreams...

Love & Blessings

Shakti Payal Goda

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