Andrew J Smith

Andrew received his degree in Music Education from Bob Jones University - a regionally accredited institution, and upon graduating with honors, began touring with a Christian band. He has been teaching music for over eight years, and loves being able to share music with thousands of people across the globe through both teaching and performing. 

Andrew's musical experiences began in the 7th grade when he taught himself how to play trumpet. In high school, he competed and placed in several state-wide trumpet, voice, and music theory competitions, and band and choir competitions were the highlight of his school year. Through all of this, the fretted instrument family (ukulele, guitar, dulcimer, etc.) quickly became his primary instruments.

Andrew believes that everyone can experience playing an instrument for themselves - that it is not reserved for a select few "talented" people. He believes the secret to getting better at music is not in simply receiving quality content, but in learning that content in a way that makes sense. In other words, it's not what you learn, but how you learn it! Learning music is just like learning to walk - you have to take the first step before attempting the second. If you don't, you are going to end up frustrated and confused. That is why Andrew strives to create courses that not only provide quality course materials, but are structured in a straight-forward, sequential order.

"I hope you decide to either begin or continue your musical journey today, and I would be honored to help you do that. Music is all about communication, so let's start making music!" - Andrew J. Smith

Courses from Andrew J Smith