Edouard Reny

Music Producer and Tutor in Physics

Edouard Andre Reny was born in 1971 in Bordeaux, France. Long studies in sciences armed him a PhD in solid state chemistry which led him to a post doctorate contract at Hiroshima University, Japan. In his early thirties, he integrated a large water treatment corporation in The Netherlands as a senior researcher.

A decade later, he decided to fly with his own wings by founding his own company, “Synaptic Machines”, that brought together his interests in sciences, his drive to share it with the world, and his passion and talent for music. Why not make a living with what one truly loves!

This coincided with the realisation that he was a damn good teacher. To support financially his bran new company, he started tutoring a few kids in their late teens to prepare for their International Baccalaureate and A-levels in Physics. The success rates were so high, and he enjoyed so much helping these kids, he decided to make this activity a primary professional objective! Today, he is helping a dozen students on a weekly basis, and nearly as many are on a waiting list!

On the music side, since his teenage years, Edouard has been composing and playing as a multi-instrumentalist in various pop-rock, blues, rock, jazz, heavy metal, folk, singer-songwriter, and electro bands. He is also known as “Edward Keys” or “Synaptic-Machines”. Very exigent about sonic quality, Edouard studied as an autodidact sound engineering, mixing techniques and mastering in order to enhance his own productions. Today, backed by 25 years of experience in music production, he professionalized, and sales licenses for use of his composition to various media (TV, radio, Web videos etc.).

Edouard started to produce courses in late 2017. It felt like a perfect opportunity to share with other, on a wide scale, the knowledge he has accumulated, and which has led him to a fulfilling professional life full of music, passion for science, and most importantly gratitude from his students.

Courses from Edouard Reny