Wahido Marata

ICF Certified Life and Career Coach, Keynote Speak

• CLC, CCC, Certified Life & Career Coach by the ICF (International Coach Federation)

+ Author, Tennis coach, Graphic/Web Designer, Relaxation Techniques, Trance Dance Ritual Facilitator, Humaniversity AUM Meditation Leader, Reflexology and Shiatsu Practitioner (ODHA), doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Hi, my name is Wahido Marata and I am a CLC, CCC, Certified Life & Career Coach by the ICF (International Coach Federation) committed to helping entrepreneurs go beyond struggles, limiting belief systems, boost their self-confidence, motivation and self-awareness. My goal is to assist entrepreneurs to create a strong mindset that allows them to exponentially increase their social media presence, create a massive action plan, resources and strategies to grow their business, learn how to generate more leads and sales online, learn how to make a bigger impact in the world with their work and increase revenue, learn how to build a solid rock reputation and how to grow and monetise instagram and other social media platforms.

I spent time in Pune, India studying spirituality, Ayurveda and meditation and now live in Europe. After graduating in civil engineering, in Lisbon, I moved to Madrid and worked in a successful engineering company for 1 year, but I was not feeling fulfilled. I progressed through being a physical trainer, tennis coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Shiatsu and Ayurveda practitioner and spiritual workshop facilitator. After working with aromatherapy for many years, and joining one of the leading essential oils companies in the world (doTERRA,) I understood the healing properties within plants and I share this knowledge with the world through personal 1-on-1 sessions and online trainings.

My passion for inner transformation lead me to start teaching different goal setting techniques in my local community and prompt me to seek a career as a certified life coach and opening my own practice. Now I have clients such as entrepreneurs, instagram influencers, small business owners and students all over Europe, the USA, Brazil and Australia.