Vishal Singh Jadon

Online Instructor, HR & Content Writer

I began my career as Content Writer, and soon turned into a Freelance Business Writer & Blogger. I have pursued Mechanical Engineering but had a change in career when I found content writing.

My experience in different industries & domain has helped me gain a variety of skills. My credentials & achievements include:

  • Online Instructor with 1000+ students worldwide
  • Certified in Human Resource Manegement
  • Ezine Approved & Certified Writer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Blogger, Freelance Business Writer

Through my blog, Kinggs Writer, I share the best earning methods with my readers to help them live their dream life.

My purpose is to help people learn new skills and transform their life. That's why I am here to help you learn and grow in the best possible manner.

Join my courses and see for yourself!