Amitkumar Pathak

Psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and Personal Coach


If you are wanting to get the best of psychology techniques mixed with experienced leadership traits to produce incomparable results in personal and professional life, Sales, Leadership, influencing techniques and more, contact Amit Pathak. Very different from regular trainers, I am a psychologist with 24 years corporate experience in leadership & Sales and 14 years in therapy work.

Every day I get the incredible satisfaction of assisting people deliver power-packed performance, boost productivity, overcome crippling mental beliefs, get over self-sabotaging habits and behaviors and build long lasting relationships. 

Licensed NLP Trainer, Licensed NLP Practitioner, Double NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and knowledge of explosive performance propulsion technologies in Business, Sports and creating Personal Charisma.

Over 18 years of deep and passionate research in the field of applied psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and other related sciences.


Trained with the world’s top-most authority in the field of NLP, the co-inventor of NLP, the Master himself – Dr. Richard Bandler. Since 2003, has trained under world renowned Master Trainers on advanced NLP techniques.

Trained people in UK, USA, Europe and Middle East countries.

Licensed trainer authorized to run the ‘Licensed NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner’ programs with internationally recognized certificate co-signed along with Dr. Richard Bandler.

Invented new techniques for individual enrichment and influencing people to get the results you want.

A naturally skilled therapist and coach with incredible success rate in personal change work, permanent freedom from limiting beliefs and any kind of performance blocks.

Author of thought-provoking articles in the field of performance excellence and thinking powerfully. 

Courses from Amitkumar Pathak