Inner Picture Stories

Inner Picture Stories is an educational platform on life.

It’s a platform that provides teachings in psychoeducation: education and information about mental health. It offers a greater view of the vast possibilities this world holds.

Inner Picture Stories was founded by Jellis Vaes after he spent six years struggling with loneliness and suicidal thoughts.

At the age of 18, he started traveling alone around the world and did so for the next three years.

During that personal journey of healing, he began forming the idea for Inner Picture Stories: a platform to provide the necessary information on subjects we learn little to nothing about in regular schools, and, in many cases, from our parents.

Through countless practical articles, animated videos, resources, a book library, a documentary list, courses, workshops, a podcast, and other means, the platform Inner Picture Stories tries to fill that missing gap in life education.

For more information about Inner Picture Stories, and to access its vast archive of life education, visit our website.

Courses from Inner Picture Stories