Justin Hazel

Guitar Instructor

Justin Hazel (born August 19, 1985), is a professional guitar player and beginner guitar instructor based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Starting out on piano at age 7, Justin learned to develop an appreciation for music early on, and continued to progress in his musical training on the instrument to the end of high school. Meanwhile, at age 12 he decided to take up playing guitar as well. It was the guitar that he eventually fell in love with most (although still very much enjoys the piano), and would eventually go on to get a Jazz Diploma at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

The genres Justin most enjoys playing are blues, rock, country, pop, acoustic, crooner jazz and singer/songwriter music, among many other sub genres. He has played in various groups over the years that incorporate these styles to some degree or another. Currently he plays in a rock group with a Latin jazz and pop influence as well. He also has studied a lot of John Mayer's guitar work over the years (particularly the entire Where The Light Is live album) to develop a general overall playing ability on the acoustic and electric guitar.

For 10 years now, Justin has been teaching beginner guitar. Although capable of teaching higher level players, he has enjoyed learning how to meet the needs of a student with little or no background in guitar and/or music. Justin also currently knows what it's like to be a beginner student as he has been learning another language over the last few years. And therefore understands the struggles a beginner can have learning the "language" of something new. Over the years he has developed an effective method to give students the proper instruction and resources needed to learn how to progress in their understanding of music and guitar playing capabilities.

Most importantly, Justin desires for his students to BELIEVE they are able to play the guitar and to discover the JOY of playing. Remember, everything worth pursuing takes time, but it's never too late to start your journey on the guitar!

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