Ravi Thammaneni


Passionate Young Engineer Enthusiastic to Study and Understand New things and to Share The Knowledge with the World.

Have More than 3yrs of Industrial Working and Research Knowledge on Various CAD and FEA Packages like Auto Cad, Catia V5, Solid Works, Uni Graphics and Ansys Structural and Fluid Dynamics.

Graduated in Aeronautical Engineering.

Worked in The Following Industries.

1. Automotive Industries.

2. Aerospace Industries.

3. Oil and Gas Industries.

Personal Projects Executed.

1. I have designed a food trolley to store and supply the food in Hospitals. The system contains a freezer to freeze the food and a heater to heat the food and it can be operated by two men. It has provided the trays to place the food followed by two compartments with minimum gap to circulate the air to freeze and heat the food. It has Provided two way doors to operate in either Directions and Provided the Detailing for the Whole Technology it took 45hrs.

2. I have done another project on Reverse Engineering on Two Car Models were I have designed The car Domes in Catia Surfacing and Successfully Executed The Aerodynamics Studies On the Models these results are requested by the customers to use for the validation. It Has Taken totally 300hrs In the Design Phase and Another 200hrs in the FEA Phase.

3. I have done one more Project on Creating Standers Test Pieces to use in the Prototype testing were I have designed the models in Catia and they have sent to 3D Printing with Complete Detailing after the Prototype Testing results were Extracted from the Test and Validated in The Ansys To study their Mechanical Properties For the Composite AlSic MMC.

Total 400hrs has taken to provide complete validation to the customer.

4. Another Project Has Executed on Plant Layout. A Plant Layout Has Created In Catia To Provide the Food Processing Layout to the Customer. Complete Lay out Has Delivered to the Customer With in 200hrs.

5. I have executed project which has taken 6 moths. Were I have managed a team of 11 members designers and Draft mans to design and to provide Detailing to Couple of Manufacturing Machinery to change their Size and to convert them into Indian Standers. We have Executed the Whole Project In 3 Phases in first Phase All Assembly Components were created with Complete Detailing in second Phase Sub Assembly Drawings were Created with their Cad Model with the Sap Numbers to the All Components with Complete BOM Creation in the Third Phase All Sub Assemblies were Assembled and created a Final Product with Complete Detailing.

Published Journals:-

1. CFD Analysis and calculation of variable parameters on Multi-linear combustion using Can Combustion.

2. Design and CFD Analysis of Multi-linear Combustion by using Can Combustion.

Ongoing Research Studies:-

1. Aero Elasticity on Wings and Turbine Blades.

2. Combustion in Gas Turbine Engines.

Areas Of Interest:-

Aero Engines.

Space Propulsion.

Hyper-sonic Aerodynamics.

Combustion Studies.

Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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