Michael Christopher

I am a lifelong student, teacher and coach.

I believe that we never stop learning and growing.

I believe that success is something that is different for each person and that our individuality and character is our power, not our money, possessions or popularity. 

We have the choice every day to make our lives better, and it’s never too late to start pursuing your dreams...

Growing up in Danbury Forest in Springfield Virginia, I first developed my love for imagination and creativity when I first saw Star Wars as a young boy. 

Movies and music were so much a part of my life that I decided to learn as much as I could about the many sides of entertainment.

I was forbidden from acting as a kid, in spite of being offered a contract at a talent agency.

That stuck with me for a long time and when I was an adult I decided to pursue my creative dreams.

I did find a way to teach myself how to play multiple instruments and began playing music and writing songs in bands.

My journey of learning about music and production took me to both New York and Florida where I earned two associates degrees.

Once I graduated I immediately left for Los Angeles California.

My first paid job in Los Angeles was as a dialogue recordist on some of the most popular animated shows from the early 2000's from Warner Brothers, Universal and others. It was there that I discovered what Voice-Acting was and how I wanted to be doing that on the other side of that glass. 

 It was a great learning experience but the creative side of myself needed to be set free to fly... I left that studio to work as an actor on stage and on-camera, taking the very long and indirect road to becoming a Voice-Actor. It was an exciting and difficult time.(The entertainment business is not what most people think ).

I did plays which won some awards and secured a great agent winning co-star and guest star roles for such shows as ABC's "Son's and Daughter's" and WB's "the Gilmore Girls" .

I am also a songwriter/musician and currently have original music currently running on such TV shows as "Say Yes to the Dress", "Tiny House Nation" , "Randy to the Rescue", NASCAR and more.

I have always had a passion for helping others and became certified as a Holistic Life Coach and an NLP pratctitioner some years back. I have always had a deep connection to spirit and learned that I had the gift of Intuition, that when tapped into it, could help me navigate through challenging experiences.

I began working at the SAG Foundation’s Voice-Over Lab to help myself and others develop their strength as a voice-actors and starting noticing that the people I helped started booking jobs. This lead me to creating what is now the the best-selling Udemy course: Voice-Over 101 Plus to help people book national commercials, animated series, video games, e-learning, audiobooks and live-announcing. Clients have booked jobs for companies like: Disney, DreamWorks Animation,GoDaddy, and Maybelline just to name a few. It’s all of the information I wish I had when first starting out in Voice-Over.

I am currently represented as a Voice-Over artist in Los Angeles with Solid Talent and in Texas at The Atherton Group. I am also the creator of the self-empowerment programs:"The System of Strength" and the brand new courses "Rock-Solid Confidence- Confidence for Sensitive Warriors" and "Develop your Intuition".

I enjoy working as a one-on-one coach, helping people unleash their inner voice and power. 

Some of my latest Voice-Over bookings include:

Netflix: Saint Seiya-The Lost Canvas (as Teneo)

Little Tikes

Final Fantasy's "Demon Fish" (as Player)

Netflix's Suburra:Blood on Rome (as Spadino)

Hidden Expeditions (as The Elder)

Dark Parables 13 (as Shadow God/Candle Maker)

Myths of the World:Fire of Olympus (as Prometheus)

Illinois Lottery 

I hope you enjoy my courses and please let me know if you have any questions.



“Voice-Over 101 Plus”

“The Formula”

“Rock-Solid Confidence”

“Intuition Mini-Course”

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