Holger E Metzger

Hi, I'm Holger!

20 years have passed since I founded an Insights and Branding Agency in Shanghai, helping global and local brands to gain and expand a strong foothold in China, one of the most exciting, mindblowing and challenging markets on the planet, while also working with brand teams in India, Europe and North America.

Along the way I continuously sharpened important skills that helped me better understand what drives people, and how to apply consumer insights to the creation of compelling brand narratives that activate an emotionally relevant experience in customers.

I love exploring emotions, perceptions and behavior via intelligent application of cognitive and behavioral psychology techniques. Over the years I have developed, introduced and adapted innovative approaches to decoding customers' subliminal decision-making processes.

On the creative side, I am an avid storyteller, screenwriter and filmmaker who loves to create original stories for branded entertainment TV / streaming shows and graphic novels in the US, Taiwan and China - as well as for brands.

My teaching is practical, with examples from my own experience, and I'd like to invite you to reach out at any time if you have any specific questions.

Enjoy the class!


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