Enayetul Chowdhury

Software Engineer

Hi, I am Enayet. After completing Computer Science degree, I started my career as a Software Engineer. After working a few years as a Java Programmer, I moved to web application development. Since then, it’s been fifteen years, I have been working on web application development. I enjoy everything I do as a programmer. A few years back, I founded a digital agency to develop websites, eCommerce, and mobile apps. I lead a team of experienced web developers and designers. I personally trained most of my team members and still train interns and junior developers in my team. This is how I grow profound interest in teaching. In addition to being Software Engineer, I am a full time technology instructor as well. I love to teach beginners or someone who wants to learn from the scratch.

If you really want to learn JavaScript from the scratch, you will find my course very much beginner friendly and detail oriented. After completing my course you will be confident enough to apply for JavaScript jobs! So, sign up and find out for yourself why you must learn JavaScript essentials to become a successful web developer or JavaScript programmer.