Claudette Pendleton

Author, Realtor, Certified Credit Counselor

Claudette Pendleton has provided credit repair and debt management advice to her many real estate and credit counseling clients helping them to restore their credit profile and increase their credit scores. By increasing their scores, her clients are able to obtain the best possible interest rates when seeking to purchase an automobile, credit card, or other financing options.

Adding to this accomplishment, Claudette has worked with several lenders, Realtors, and bankers to assist her buyer real estate clients in increasing their credit scores, as well, allowing them to be in a much better position to qualify for a home loan. As a Certified Credit Counselor and managing real estate broker, Ms. Pendleton takes pleasure in lending her talents to help buyers with their credit profiles to obtain homeownership. 

In addition to the forementioned, Claudette has also wrote a credit repair book, "Fix Your Credit Now for Better Credit and Higher Scores."

In her relaxing moments, she enjoys listening to soothing music such as contemporary classical music, as well as uplifting music including gospel, pop, R&B, and jazz. She also enjoys watching a good, wholesome movie, traveling, exploring new things, and spending time with her family and good friends.

In 2005, Claudette Pendleton received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix .

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