Traian Pirvu


I decided to share from my skills, knowledges and experience.

My story in brief is as follows: I have been passionate about economics since high school and, naturally, I went toward the Academy of Economic Sciences, and I majored in economics-pedagogy, teacher of Economics Science, because I love to share what I know.

Salaries in education not encouraged me enough, so I've never been school-teacher but I never abandoned my passion: cumulative, in jobs that I've had, I provided over 1600 hours of training. Of course I'm certified trainer by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour.

Immediately after college I worked as investments-economist for the largest investment in Romania at that time. Then, for over 10 years, I was manager: I have coordinated teams and branches in the field of banking and financial products.

Of course, I had to learn and to improve myself in several aspects: budgets, project management, human resource management, investment management, negotiation techniques, sales techniques, time management, processes optimisation, managing relationships. Some I've learned by doing, many others I've learned from the masters in their respective fields. I'm a certified Project Manager, I graduated courses in management, sales, negotiation, under the guidance of some the most prestigious American trainers, I have read many books and scientific treatises, which I offer in the "Bibliography" file. I have received various awards for business, I was invited to the broadcasters, the most notable is the appearance of the Realitatea TV live show economic themed.

The role that I assume on my online courses is to convey to you the essence of what I've learned and I've found that is effective, everything that is more value from what I learned and practiced. I will address only the topics that I know, you won't find automobile mechanics courses or cooking courses on my channel, but you will be able to improve the time management techniques, effective sales methods, project management, streamline processes, human resources management, negotiations techniques, and others from the same field.

Choose from my online courses which helps you most and let's get to work.

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