Seema Abhijit Ranaware

Hi, I'm Seema Ranaware, Author of the book ' Victim to Victory ' holding a Master's degree in 'Organic chemistry' from the University of Pune, India and also a Master's degree in 'Mathematics' from NIMS University, India. I have been teaching mathematics to engineering students for 10 years.

When I was a student, I was fortunate to learn the 'supposed- to- be- a- boring- subject' in a very easy and interesting manner. Whenever I see students around me with acute dislike towards mathematics, I wish they could have learnt it in a better way, like I learnt from my teachers.

As a tutor, over 10 years, I discovered my passion for teaching and pursued it willingly. I am glad that I could make many students believe that applied mathematics is fun to learn.

Any student taking this online course will experience the same simplicity in the teaching method and, I'm sure, will gain the confidence in-class tests and an exam of the subject they appear at.

I am also a life coach and motivational trainer, in case you face challenges like exam fear, memory improvement, low self-confidence, etc share your concern.

Wish you all the best and happy learning!  

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