Saddam Kassim

WordPress Developer and an Author

My name is Saddam Kassim and I am from India.

I am a full-time web developer using WordPress platform for developing websites and blogs.

I completed by graduation as a computer science student in 2013 and was campus placed as a Technical Support Executive in an IT company.

After working for about 2 years, I left my job even I was getting paid about INR 35,000 which was enough in India but there was something more creative took birth in my mind and I decided to start my career as a web developer.

Though I knew PHP, it was not a bit hard to learn WordPress and I started freelancing and started earning good budget projects.

In my first year of startup as a web developer, I earned $20,000 in a year which was enough to boost my confidence and then after I never looked back.

Now, along with developing the websites, I too write articles on WordPress niche, I too record video tutorials for my YouTube channel and now I decided to work as a instructor and teach students around the world with my best efforts.

I record lectures on:

Blogging, Website development, eCommerce development, etc.

Courses from Saddam Kassim