Ismail Elouatik


ISMAIL ELOUATIK is a Moroccan , serial global entrepreneur , mentor,investor, THE LYNX OF SALES AND MARKETING ™ , author, speaker, and philanthropist, he was born in 1993 in a small village in Morocco,he came from Tinghir city , he is the cochairman of a global conglomerate holding company called: " 10X GLOBAL HOLDINGS " which invest in vary industries including : Education and Training , Information Technology ,Travel and Tourism ,Real estate, Media, Financial services, Investments many more fields.Otherwise, he is also the founder of a Moroccan global mega company : The Cyber Space for Creativity and Languages L.L.C ,which is a subsidiary owned by his conglomerate holding firm.Since 2009,Ismail had discovered internet marketing business industry and he started learning everything related to this field ,from sales and marketing strategies to whole ways to generate money online ,in particularly : AFFILIATE MARKETING ,MLM , FOREX, BINARY OPTIONS and many more fields ; Otherwise this cool guy faced a lot of challenges and destructions and financial obstacles since that year, as he never found any financial assistance in order to invest in his online business ventures , and that obstacles consisted a long time till 2016, he never earned a cent , but just learning and failed many times , but he never gave up and he always being motivated and enthusiastic to be consisted and committed to this business, till the year of 2016 , so all that period he consider it as a BA to MA , to PhD educational period, so in the middle of 2016,the year of his graduation from the university he then started earning some commissions as his first commission ever earned in his life was 250$ from a Forex broker affiliate program, and that was his biggest and unforgettable accomplishment as that almost 7 years of struggling and learning but finally his dreams started to being achieved till he’ll become the youngest Moroccan billionaire as soon as possible, furthermore Ismail has big knowledge and effective professional experiences as he absolutely mastering all the sales and marketing and wealth investing strategies in general, On the other point this man offers world-class educational trainings through: videos, articles, books, webinars, plus to live training events, for people all over the world , through his education company which is focusing on teaching people how to launch and scale their own businesses and build long term wealth to live in Dot Com life style which stands for : Location freedom , Time freedom and Money freedom . MR.ISMAIL ELOUATIK call himself: “ THE LYNX OF SALES AND MARKETING ™ ", and his ultimate vision is to create millions of success stories in every country on the earth, by sharing everything he learnt and still learning in his entire life until his last breath.