Jan Ekhteyari

Over many years of hard trying to learn something useful in school which school was a disaster and I couldn't get anything useful out of it.

So, I planned to learn something useful with self-study. And I accomplished and learned any skill I wanted to learn quickly and effectively.

It seems skill/habit learning was hard and easy for me. The hard part was that I had no resources available but I was passionate about learning skills/habits, building skills, skills, and habits that school necessary does not teach us. It took me 5 years to learn anything I wanted. And I go wildly to learn more and master more.

Then, I decided to help you here to learn and master the skills/habits that I practiced and learned of. And I call those skills pro skills as lifelong learners.

So let's rock skill learning together and let's go pro!

By the way, I am a WordPress theme designer and developer too. I do it as my university job.

Also very passionate about learning tools for teaching for example you can check out my Google For Education apps.

Nice to meet you here, learn for pleasure - learn forever

JM Ekhteyari

Certified Educator, Lifelong learner & WP theme designer, and developer