Toni Crichton

Hi I’m Toni Crichton & I’m a pianist based in Cape Town.

I studied at UCT, doing an undergrad in Classical Music and Postgrad in Education. I’ve been teaching for over 20 years as a music teacher, working in Government as well as Private schools in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I’m currently teaching in a private capacity, which allows me to now work with all ages and in many different capacities.

Currently I work with children and adults, from real beginners to advanced performers, as well as with music producers and DJs who are wanting to get a better grasp of their keyboard playing and composing. I teach individual piano and vocal lessons for those based in CT as well as online piano lessons for any pupils who are not in Cape Town or South Africa. I also run a 10 week Adults Beginners Course which has been a great way for adult pupils to start from the beginning in a fun way with like-minded people, or to come back to the piano if they learnt as a child.

As well as teaching, I perform regularly as a solo pianist as well as with other musicians. You can catch a list of performances on my website.

When I’m not teaching or performing, I also consult for the Film Industry. I work with actors who are needing to learn an instrument for a music scene and I consult to ensure the authenticity of the shots. This has given me the opportunity to work with some phenomenal actors from all over the world. You can find some of the movies I’ve worked on, on my IMDB profile.

I’m passionate about sharing my love of music with anyone who wants to learn. I’m passionate about helping people reach their musical goals in whatever capacity that might be.

Courses from Toni Crichton