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Pack of 10 - The Ultimate JavaScript Mastery Bundle
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Courses included in the bundle
Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & Javascript
Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & Javascript

Closures, prototypes, JSON, the DOM, selectors, inheritance in CSS and in Javascript, and first class functions - that's what this course is about.

This is not a course on Javascript frameworks - its about solid, fundamental HTML, CSS and Javascript. You'll be surprised by how much more you can get done on your web pages once you learn these technologies the right way.

What do we mean by that?

Relatively few folks formally learn HTML, CSS or Javascript, because its quite easy to get stuff done in these technologies in a "quick-and-dirty way".

That "quick-and-dirty" way of learning and doing leads to problems over time, because Javascript and CSS are actually quite complex, so it is easy to do things the wrong way

This course will help, because it has 75 examples, 20 in HTML/CSS and 55 in Javascript. Each is self-contained, has its source code attached, and gets across a simple, specific use-case. Each example is simple, but not simplistic.

What's Included:

  • Basic HTML: Folks stopped counting HTML as a language worth formally learning sometime in the 90s, but this is only partially justified. It always helps to have strong basics.
  • CSS: Cascading Stylesheets are incredibly powerful, and incredibly hard to use - until you know how they really work. Once you understand inheritance and selection in CSS, it will all make a lot more sense.
  • Javascript is a full-fledged, powerful and complicated language. Its really important to learn Javascript formally, because it is just so different from most other languages you would have encountered. For instance - Javascript has objects and inheritance but no classes.
  • Closures in Javascript are a rather mind-bending concept - functions that "remember" how the world looked when they were created.
  • Prototypes are Javascript's way of doing inheritance, and its very different from the C++/Java way of doing it.
  • JSON is not conceptually difficult to use, but it is incredibly important, and you should understand why - because its the glue between backends written in Java or other traditional languages, and front-ends written in Javascript
  • The Document-Object-Model is what ties Javascript back to HTML and CSS. Together with JSON, the DOM ties it all together from server to skin.

Using discussion forums

Please use the discussion forums on this course to engage with other students and to help each other out. Unfortunately, much as we would like to, it is not possible for us at Loonycorn to respond to individual questions from students:-(

We're super small and self-funded with only 2 people developing technical video content. Our mission is to make high-quality courses available at super low prices.

The only way to keep our prices this low is to *NOT offer additional technical support over email or in-person*. The truth is, direct support is hugely expensive and just does not scale.

We understand that this is not ideal and that a lot of students might benefit from this additional support. Hiring resources for additional support would make our offering much more expensive, thus defeating our original purpose.

It is a hard trade-off.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Who is the target audience?

  • Yep! Folks who are absolutely new to web programming, and wish to learn HTML and CSS from scratch
  • Yep! Folks who are seeking to learn Javascript the right way - including folks who may done some Javascript programming, but are not quite confident using advanced features such as closures or dynamic prototyping
  • Yep! Java, C#, Python or C++ programmers who are looking to master Javascript
  • Nope! This class is not right for you if you are looking to learn Javascript frameworks such as JQuery, Angular or Node.js
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Javascript Specialist
Javascript Specialist

Javascript has become the most import language you can learn.

Years ago, you could produce a web site with HTML alone. Now, Javascript is a critical technology that makes not just interactive web sites, but full web applications. Modern sites don't just display data but generally help users complete tasks such as making a reservation or buy an item.

Javascript is a critical part of these transactions. Handling everything from dynamic screen content to interacting with remote servers, every developer needs Javascript.

And, Javascript is not just a web language any more. Due to related technologies like Node and Phone Gap Javascript can now be used in web development (client and server side) and mobile development.

This is only part of the reason that Javascript is THE language to know.

FACT: Javascript is the most desired skill among those who hire new (junior) developers.

(This means that Javascript skills and certification may just be your key to a job).

If you're reading this we don't have to sell you upon becoming a developer. You already know it's one of the most lucrative (and fastest growing) career tracks out there no degree required.

What Will I Learn to Do with Javascript?

Javascript is a powerful language.

Here are just a few of things you can do with Javascript

Create applications that are constantly updated via a web service. Stock market, weather, and transportation apps work with web services to provide users with current information.

Create apps that take advantage of the HTML5 canvas which allows data visualizations, animations and even gaming!

Create applications with reactive interfaces that provide users with an optimized experience.

It's tasks like this that make Javascript critical for developers. Javascript is essential to just about any project that appears on the web or in mobile.

This is where you can separate yourself from the average developer.

As a Designated Javascript Specialist, you are qualified to create, maintain and edit Javascript code. You'll be able to help development teams create relevant, reactive web and mobile applications or even create applications on your own.

In this certification program you'll learn:

  • How to Output to the console
  • How to output content to the browser window by manipulating the DOM
  • The getElementById() command
  • How to use variables in Javascript
  • Arithmetic with Javascript
  • The proper use of Javascript Operators
  • How to use Number Functions
  • Using Booleans
  • How programs make decisions with conditionals
  • If Statements and If Else Statements
  • Nested If Statements
  • How to use the Javascript Switch statement
  • For Loops, While Loops, Do While Loops
  • For In Loops, Endless Loops, Break and Continue Statements
  • Javascript Simple Functions, Function Parameters, Functions that Return a Value
  • Coding for Javascript Events and Call back Functions
  • Javascript Dialog Boxes
  • Creating Javascript Arrays
  • Looping Through Arrays
  • Javscript Strings and String Functions to process text
  • Javascript Date Functions
  • Processing text with Javascript Regular Expressions
  • Working with the Browser DOM
  • Accessing Web Services with the xmlHTTPRequest() Object
  • Making Requests and Parameterized Requests
  • Working with Returned Text Content
  • Working with Returned XML Content
  • Understanding JSON notation and Parsing JSON content
  • Using Generic Javascript Objects
  • Working with the Javascript Audio and Video API
  • 2D Drawing, the Canvas and Javascript
  • Faux Multithreading with Javaascript
  • Custom Objects and OOP with Javascript

How Does the Certification Program Work?

First: Complete the Course

Each of the certification courses includes 5 to 10 hours of video training. Each course also includes lab exercises to help you retain the information in the video lectures. The courses feature study guides, practice questions, and activities, all with one goal: to help you learn new coding skills in Javascript.

The courses are designed to be completed in a few days, if significant time is invested. However, you may spread the work out for as long as you’d like. There are no calendars or limits on individual courses. Simply work with the course until you’re confident that you’ve mastered the material.

Next: Pass the Exam

Once you complete the course, you'll be eligible to sit for the exam. The exam is composed of fifty multiple choice questions with a minimum passing score of 80%. The exam isn’t designed to be difficult, but to verify that you retained the information in the course. You have up to an hour to complete the exam. However, most people complete the exam much more quickly. If you don’t pass the exam the first time you take it, you may sit for the exam again.

When you pass the exam and complete the class, you’ll have earned your certification as a Javascript specialist. Congratulations!

Receive Your Certificate and Badge

Now that you’re certified, you’ll receive your printable, full color digital certificate. Your certificate includes a link to a digital transcript page which will serve as verification of your achievement. You can place the badge on your personal website, portfolio, or resume. You also can automatically place the badge on your LinkedIn page.

Many individuals who receive these certifications place them in their email signature and other highly visible digital real estate to set them apart from other developers.

Who should get certified?

  • Graphic and Digital Designers
  • Startup Employees
  • Marketing Designers
  • Content Specialists
  • Agency Personnel
  • Students who want to be more Employable

Anyone else who wants this critical skill set and proof of expertise

Why Should You Be Certified?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in development, then the Javascript Specialist Designation is the place to continue your path. Almost every digital development project involves some level of Javascript, and experts are in demand. If you’re a business owner, this certification course is a great way to learn what you need to know to style your own website. It’s also a great way to train the members of your team who work with your web site to ensure that they’re using the latest and best Javascript practices. If you’re an agency or freelancer, the Javascript Specialist Designation is a great way to validate your skills and even justify a rate increase. If you’re a student, the Javascript Specialist Designation separates you from other graduates and verifies that you possess specialized technical skills that all employers are seeking.

The Javascript Specialist designation is tangible proof of your mastery of the critical Javascript Skillset and will drive up your value regardless of the environment in which you work.

Who is the target audience?

  • Developers who want to earn the Javacript Specialist Credential, while learning Javascript
  • Developers who want to move from Desktop apps to the Web Space
  • New Developers who want to learn an important coding skill while earning a professional credential
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The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 (2018)
The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 (2018)

Did you know that Javascript is the #1 web programming language in the world? 

Did you know that Mastering Javascript (and really Mastering Javascript) will make you a highly sought after web developer in the job Market?

You are here probably because you heard things like the above points and you don't have any programming background. Or you know some JavaScript which you can use to build basic projects, but you admit that once you read some advanced JS code, you are completely lost. Or you feel intimidated when other developers speak about Advanced concepts like Closures, Encapsulation, IIFE and so on. But you really want to be the best because you have all the curiosity, time and dedication it takes to become a true JS developer.

If you came here for any of the reasons mentioned above. Then you have come to the right place! Your search journey stops here! And you are ready to embark on a learning journey full of fun and success.

This course has been designed using a robust structure that will take you from zero skills to a job ready Javascript Developer. It is the most Comprehensive Javascript Course in the Market. With 15 highly structured sections distributed over 26 hours of content and 220 lectures, including crystal clear presentations, coding exercises and a full professional real life project: This course covers everything you need to standout when applying for a JS developer job. 

You will learn the basics:

  • Variables & Data Types
  • Conditional and Looping
  • Functions Part 1, including: first class functions, statements vs expressions, immediately invoked function expressions 
  • Objects Part 1, including: object literals, prototypes, equality, constructors, JSON
  • DOM: event handling, the event object, debouncing, event propagation, event delegation, single threaded Javascript

Then move to advanced concepts:

  • Execution Context, Hoisting, 'this'
  • Scope Chain
  • Closures: including updating outer variables, iterations, closures with event loops,
  • Objects 2: Encapsulation & Information Hiding including: using closures to hide information, using IIFE to create private static properties and methods
  • Objects 3: Inheritance & Prototype Chain, including class augmentation and object cloning
  • Singleton & Modular Design Patterns, including: name-spacing
  • Functions 2, including the 'arguments' property,

By the end of the course, you will build a full professional Javascript Project from scratch: A fully functional Typing Test Application which can test users typing speed and generate a PDF certificate at the end of the test. 

You will build the full project using advanced techniques you would have learnt in this course. (Modular Design pattern, Functional Design, etc). You can also customise the project and add it to your CV. A robust project like this one will truly make you stand out in the crowd and help you get a job.

You will be supported all the way through the course whenever you need help.

We hope to see you in the course.

Who is the target audience?

  • Students who would like to go from Zero Skills to securing a Javascript Developer Job
  • Students who know some JS and how to use it, but do not master advanced concepts like IIFE, Closures, etc
  • Students preparing JS interviews with top Web Development corporations
  • Students interested in learning top JS frameworks (after finishing this course) used by companies like Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, etc: Angular, React, Node
  • Students interested in learning beyond coding: thinking and Functional Design
Worth $ 49.99 $9.99
JavaScript Fundamentals 2018 ES6 for beginners
JavaScript Fundamentals 2018 ES6 for beginners

Did you want to learn JavaScript or review the fundamentals of coding JavaScript? This course is perfect for you!

Step by step learning covering the core parts of JavaScript to get you coding quickly. Source code and everything you need to get started is included.

Course covers

  • How to write JavaScript basics
  • Data types the building blocks of coding
  • Alert and prompts for interaction with users
  • Variables var const and let
  • Functions and the new arrow function syntax
  • Loops and iterating through data
  • Arrays and array methods 
  • Objects and how to use them
  • Conditions and operators
  • Map Set with examples
  • Fetch and how to connect to web apis
  • Document object to manipulate HTML element content
  • All this and much more

JavaScript is the technology that makes things happen online. Learn how to create Dynamic and Interactive web pages applying JavaScript. JavaScript is Fast and Responsive relatively easy language to get started with. All you need is a browser and you are ready to create JavaScript. Learn JavaScript to HTML web pages works across browser.

Executed on the front-end.  

Taught by an instructor with over 19 years of web development experience, ready to help your learn more about JavaScript.

Along with friendly support in the Q&A to help you learn and answer any questions you may have.  

Join now and see what YOU can do with JavaScript today!!!!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants a quick refresher about JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to practice JavaScript
  • Web developers
  • Front end applications developers
Worth $ 49.99 $9.99
JavaScript Essentials: Things You Must Learn As A Developer
JavaScript Essentials: Things You Must Learn As A Developer

Hi! Welcome to JavaScript Essentials. If you are new to Web Development, or more specifically, to JavaScript, and if your goal is to become a professional Web Developer, you must begin your journey by understanding essential concepts of JavaScript programming. JavaScript is the language of the web, mobile, and devices everywhere. This language is going to stay around for a long time. This is why it is worth learning this language well. As a beginner, everything that you must learn is covered very intuitive way in this course.

The structure and presentation have made this course very unique in Simpliv. Course materials are designed in a step-by-step, one-at-a-time approach. I did not bring up any topic or concept in the course without prior explanation about it. Every concept of JavaScript in this course is backed by the detail and to-the-point lecture sessions followed by practical exercise sessions and quizzes. Lecture sessions will help you learn the technical theories behind each concept. Practical exercise sessions will help you learn by doing. Quizzes will help you evaluate your learning instantly. Finally, towards the end of the course, you will have a series of coding challenges to take your JavaScript skill to the next level where you can start learning advanced JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, and so on.

Finally, I want you to succeed in your pursuit to become a professional web developer. This course has everything you need to get you started. Moreover, I am here to help if you run into problems or questions. Please feel free to ask questions in the Q&A section.   

This course is optimized for mobile devices. So, you can carry on with your learning while on the go. Besides, it is enabled with English subtitles. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and take your JavaScript skills to a new height. 

Worth $ 64.99 $12.99
Learn Advanced JavaScript
Learn Advanced JavaScript


I’ve got just the course for you!

Hey, my name is Josh and I’ve put this course together to help people just like you quickly master Advanced JavaScript...Whether you’re a beginner or a web developer with existing programming knowledge/skills!

If your goal is to become a web developer, then this course is perfect for you. It’ll get you started on the right path and give you the knowledge and skills you need to start building beautiful web pages from scratch...

Learning Advanced JavaScript is Not only for web developers, but also everyone else. Because when you have mastered Advanced JavaScript, you can build your own site by yourself, edit any web pages when needed (for example landing pages) versus having to get someone else to do it for you which can cost both time and money!

In short, a good understanding of Advanced JavaScript is tremendously beneficial (You can’t even get around the internet these days without a basic understanding of JavaScript).

Now, in this course, we’ll go far beyond that. By the end of it, you’ll have gained complete proficiency in Advanced JavaScript even if you’re currently a complete beginner!


You don’t need any previous coding experience or knowledge to take this course. In fact, all you need is a desire to learn and master Advanced JavaScript.

This is not one of those courses that will throw too much at you at once and cause you to get overwhelmed. This is a course that you’ll not only learn so much from, but also enjoy the journey as you’re learning (which is a very important part of the learning process)

The course will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know step by step and even put your knowledge to practice immediately by working on a real-world project.

On top of this, you will also get my continuous support as well to make sure you’re successful with my course.


We will go step by step and build a project from scratch using JavaScript. The goal here is to help you

A) Learn and put into application your acquired knowledge from this course

B) Be able to build & edit web pages with total confidence!

Here’s what we’ll cover in the course:

  • We’ll start from the very beginning and explain what JavaScript is, why & how it’s used.
  • Install some of the software we’ll be using all throughout the course.
  • Introduce you to some of the Advanced JavaScript Properties
  • Get more in-depth into some of the most important Properties (Data Types, Functions, Objects...etc.)
  • Build an actual project together from scratch!

Enroll Now I’d love to see you inside and to help you learn and master Advanced JavaScript!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner JavaScript Developers wanting to learn more about JavaScript
Worth $ 49.99 $9.99
JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts
JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Javascript is the language that modern developers need to know, and know well. Truly knowing Javascript will get you a job, and enable you to build quality web and server applications.

NOTE: This course includes information on ECMAScript 6 (ES6) the next version of Javascript!

In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Javascript, learn how Javascript works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your ability to debug problems. You will find clarity in the parts that others, even experienced coders, may find weird, odd, and at times incomprehensible. You'll learn the beauty and deceptive power of this language that is at the forefront of modern software development today.

This course will cover such advanced concepts as objects and object literals, function expressions, prototypical inheritance, functional programming, scope chains, function constructors (plus new ES6 features), immediately invoked function expressions (IIFEs), call, apply, bind, and more.

We'll take a deep dive into the source code of popular frameworks such as jQuery and Underscore to see how you can use your understanding of Javascript to learn (and borrow) from other's good code.

Finally, you'll learn the foundations of how to build your own Javascript framework or library.

What you'll learn in this course will make you a better Javascript developer, and improve your abilities in AngularJS, NodeJS, jQuery, React, Ember, MongoDB, and all other Javascript-based technologies!

Learn to love Javascript, and code in it well.

Note: In this course you'll also get downloadable source code. You will often be provided with 'starter' code, giving you the base for you to start writing your code, and 'finished' code to compare your code to.

Worth $ 9.99 $0
Bundle Features and Summary
Bundle Features
  • Multiple courses
  • Lifetime access to each course
  • Certificate on completion of each course
  • Big discounts on individual courses as a bundle
  • High priority after sales support
Total Courses 10
Courses Worth$565
Bundle Price$85