The Ultimate Digital Marketing Certification Bundle

From Google Analytics to Facebook Marketing Strategies

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  • Duration 45:34:35 Hours
  • Bundle Includes 10 Courses
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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Certification Bundle
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Courses included in the bundle
Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business Owners
Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

Looking to grow your own brand through social media?

Having trouble gaining followers who like, comment, and share your content?

Not really sure how to increase your presence on social media?

Whatever your motivation to start and increase your brand on social media, you’ve come to the right place.

This is a Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Marketing Strategies

Are you ready to get more business leads using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Live Streaming?

Are you ready to build connections with customers via social media?

You'll learn how to drive sales, attract new customers and master social media (the right way).

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Periscope, Blab, and Google+ all have thousands of customers waiting for you.

The objective is to be everywhere. Create a unified front and gain followers across all social media channels.

What does this course give you?

Introduction to social media marketing strategies before diving into specific platforms

  • Facebook marketing strategies
  • Twitter marketing strategies
  • Instagram marketing strategies
  • Pinterest marketing strategies
  • Reddit marketing strategies
  • Discover the power of business branding
  • Discover the power of customer engagement

The key is to create a brand that is consistent across all channels.

Click the "ADD TO CART" button straight away at the top right of this page because every second you delay is costing you money.

Who is the target audience?

  • Students with 1,000 or less followers
  • Students who want to start building a social media following
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Google Analytics & Reports Demystified for Beginners
Google Analytics & Reports Demystified for Beginners

Google Analytics has become an integral part of Business and Marketing in most of the organizations. Having the right level of knowledge of Google Analytics will help stay ahead of the others in your organization.

In this course, you will learn how to use Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website and marketing programs. We'll cover the most essential, out of the box functionality from account creation to reporting fundamentals and also, how to glean insights from the vast array of data available. This course will make it easy for you to build upon and learn Advanced Google Analytics.

You will learn

1.What is Web and Digital Analytics - get the foundation right

2.How does Google Analytics work

3.Getting started with Google Analytics - installing on your website

4.Understand Google Account Hierarchy and Structure

5.Connect with a Demo Account - eCommerce site - those who don't have Google Analytics can get all GA functionality in this demo account and gets hands on training and experience.

6.Create Views and Filters

7.Overview of various reports

  • Home Screen
  • Audience reports
  • Acquisition reports
  • Behavior reports
  • Campaign reports

8.Create Goals in Google Analytics - measuring success of your marketing efforts

9.Learn how to track campaigns in Google Analytics

10.More added frequently

I have worked with Google Analytics since it's first version and taught the classes since then.  I teach in a way that even a beginner (with no background) can understand and lead the content to to more advanced level content.

Note: This is a beginners course and meant for those who want to learn Google Analytics. 

This course applies to everybody from individual running their blogs to people working in the corporations. If you are looking to start a career in Digital Marketing or Analytics, this course is a must fro you. You will learn the skills you need to analyze your website performance and visitors.

Note: This course will keep evolving for nest few weeks based on the feedback I get from students. So stay tuned for messages from me and send me your questions. My goal is to provide you the best experience and learning! 

Why you should learn from me?

I have been in Digital Marketing and Analytics for over 15 years. I have trained people from diverse backgrounds and have converted them into high performing Digital Marketers and Analysts. I understand both the technology and marketing side of business.  I have dealt with many analytics technologies way before Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, Facebook etc. existed and know the inner working of Digital Analytics. 

In addition, I have developed various course and taught students from all over the world. I am online instructor for University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Washington (USA), Bellevue College (USA) and Digital Analytics Association.

I have an engineering degrees and an MBA.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to Learn Google Analytics
  • Anyone who wants to measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing
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Instagram Marketing 101 - How to use Instagram for Business
Instagram Marketing 101 - How to use Instagram for Business


Instagram has over 1 BILLION ( users and has over 500.000.000 active daily users.

Insanity, right?

Do I need to say anything more to be on Instagram? If you are a business, an entrepreneur or just a person who wants to share their ideas, journey, service, products etc. on the internet


In this course, I will show you how to get started with Instagram and how to start building an audience and following on this platform.

Interested? If yes, continue reading...

You will not just learn how to set up an account BUT you will learn everything from optimizing your account to getting leads and potential clients.

You will learn

  • How to set up an account
  • How to use the different features of Instagram
  • How to create content
  • How to grow your exposure
  • How to optimize your account for leads
  • ... many more

Just check out the curriculum down below for more details.

You will learn how to grow an Instagram account THE ETHICAL way.

NO fake likes

NO fake followers

NO fake comments

especially NOT a "How to get rich by using Instagram..."

No experience, No problems

I specifically designed this course for beginners. If you did not use the app until now, it's no problem. We start off with the very basics and go more into the advanced tactics of Instagram Marketing.

At the end of the course, you will see my cases studies on how I grew accounts from ZERO. You will see what mistakes I made so you will not repeat them.


  • Smartphone with Instagram app installed
  • PC or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • willingness to apply and practice the methods taught in this course

This course is recommended for

Small business owners, social media managers, entrepreneurs, travelers, photographers, digital nomads, companies who want 'to go online'.

Businesses who want to start an Instagram account or have less than 10000 followers. Persons who want to start building their own brand.


This course is not for skeptics, lazy, people who want to make money fast on Instagram.

If you are not willing to put in the work but you expect to your Instagram to grow magically...then sorry, my friend...THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR YOU

Who this course is for:

  • Social Media Managers
  • Small and Medium sized business owners
  • Anyone who wants to learn how Instagram works
  • Anyone who wants to market on Instagram
  • Companies who want to market on Instagram
  • Entrepreneurs
Worth $ 49.9 $9.99
Complete Copywriting Course for Digital Entrepreneurs
Complete Copywriting Course for Digital Entrepreneurs

Copywriting is the key skill for the 21st Century: It applies to Business Communication, Business Writing, Content Marketing, Content Writing, Freelancing, Sales Skills, Writing.

If you can master copy writing - you can sell - Online or Offline. This course reveals my Copy Writing Secrets - how to write Copy that Sells. 

Some call Copywriting "Ninja Writing" - but its not a Dark Art - its a formula and a process that you CAN master

This is the Perfect Copywriting Course for you to help you to improve your Writing Skills.


If you have found Copywriting to be a difficult subject to grasp, then you have come to the right place to succeed and to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. 

Now in Four Clear Sections:

  • BASICS - covering the basics of copywriting so that you have a foundation to work with
  • PSYCHOLOGY - so important in getting your customers to decide to buy from you
  • SEO - helping you understand how Copywriting and SEO work hand in hand in the world of online marketing
  • COPYWRITING FOR...: These sections cover a range of different formats from Blog Posts, Landing Pages, Sales Letters, Video Sales Letters, Promotional Videos, Email - with more to come

In this Course you will discover

  • 14 Essential Steps to Great Copywriting
  • How to use Copywriting Formulas to improve your Writing Skills
  • How to optimise your Content Writing with great Headlines
  • How to use images to support your Copy Writing
  • The essentials of Proofreading and Editing
  • Understand the Psychology of Copywriting
  • How to write a high converting Sales Page/Course Description
  • How to write effective Online Course Titles, Goals and Descriptions, optimised for SEO
  • How to apply your Copywriting skills to Blogging
  • How to write effective Landing Pages
  • How to create amazing Video Sales letters as a Copywriter
  • The key formulae for Writing Editing Sales Letters, including a Case Study
  • How to combine your Promotional Video skills with your Copywriting
  • How to apply Content Writing Skills to Email
  • Copywriting: What you need to know to write great Headlines


Case Study - Step by Step guide to applying Copywriting to writing a Course Description

Case Study - Copywriting Step by Step Guide to a Course Sales Letter


What some of my previous students have said about my Courses:

Leslie Masaitis “Linkedin – “Double Your Network in Half the Time:

Concise, well-written, strategic This is the second of John Colley's courses I've taken and will continue to take more. He organizes content to provide useful tips and tricks in manageable "chunks" so as not to overwhelm, clearly demonstrates where and how to perform tasks on screen, and his insights are strategically-minded and perfect for all levels of users. Very helpful information, would highly recommend."

Christine Owens, “The Entrepreneurs Guide to Startup Funding

This course is very well structured and contains excellent information at each lecture. It is very practical and straightforward. I would recommend it."


I am your instructor, John Colley. Over the past five years I have shared my knowledge and experience with over 50,000 students and I love sharing my knowledge and experience of Copywriting with you now.

I teach everything from my own experience and show you clearly what works and what does not. I don't hold anything back in my courses so that you can have the sort of success that I have been fortunate to benefit from.

So what ever your core area of interest: Business Communication, Business Writing, Content Marketing, Content Writing, Freelancing, Sales Skills, Writing - Copywriting is a skill which you cannot afford NOT to master.

There is no reason to hesitate or delay. Enroll now - see if this course is for you and start becoming an expert at Copywriting today!


All the Best 


Who this course is for:

  • Internet Marketers
  • Web Masters
  • Bloggers, Social Media Experts
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Anyone seeking to increase traffic and conversion on their website or blog
  • Anyone with an information product to sell on an Educational Platform.
  • Graphic Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Freelancers working from Home
  • Coaches or Consultants
  • Online Marketing Professionals in Large Organisations
Worth $ 49.9 $9.99
Complete Content Writing Course For 2019- 3 Course Bundle
Complete Content Writing Course For 2019- 3 Course Bundle

Welcome To the Complete Content Writing Course!

This course is designed by Content Writers who have 3+ years of experience, created content for 50+ websites in less than 1 year.

This in- depth course comes from the content writers who have experience in this field since 2016. So whatever you learn here, would help you stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Watch the Promo Video & Free Lectures To See How You Can Learn The Demanding and High- Paid Skill of Content Writing
  • We Welcome You To Join Our Learning School- We Have Served 870+ STUDENTS WORLDWIDE in Just 1 Month!
  • It's an in Depth Course With 3.5+ Hours of Lively & Interesting Content
  • Enroll & Get Life Time Access To This Course
  • Grab Bonuses Which Include Worksheets, Templates & Checklists That Are Yours To Keep!


  • Have clear understanding on Content Writing, Content Marketing & Copywriting
  • Offer freelance writing services to clients
  • Write effective copy that would lead to conversions and sales
  • Identify your target audience and create buyer persona
  • Create a content promotion strategy
  • Learn about SEO writing and On- page and Off-page SEO practices.
  • Optimize Content To Rank on Search Engines
  • Create solid blog posts that readers would love to share.
  • Become a better writer who has clear understanding of marketing & writing high quality content.

Take Action Now & Enroll Today!

Invest in your skill, because it's a treasure which no one can take away from you.

See You Inside The Course!

Worth $ 49.9 $9.99
The Complete Google Ads Masterclass (Former Google AdWords)
The Complete Google Ads Masterclass (Former Google AdWords)

Let's Build a Successful Google Ads Strategy Together, Step by Step!

In the The Complete Google Ads Masterclass (Former Google AdWords) you'll learn to create effective ads for your business & career to grow using Google Ads (Former Google AdWords).

You'll learn step by step how to create ads that people will click. We'll talk phycology behind "what makes people click". Whether your goal is to get more traffic to a website, get more leads for a business or more sales - this course is for you!

This is a 100 % Practical Course - Get Ready For Real-Time Hands-On Experience From The First Lecture!

After This Course, You'll Be Able To

  • Work as a successful Google Ads Freelancer.
  • Get Hired as a Google Ads Expert.
  • Grow Your Business & Career.

What You Will Master Inside This Course

  • To Drive Traffic To Your Website or Landing Page Consistently
  • To Determine The Value Of Your Ad Campaigns By Using Conversion Tracking
  • To Create Google Ads Campaigns & Then Optimize Them For Results
  • To Get Earlier Website Visitors Back To Your Website To Sell More
  • To Effectively Advertise Your Products And Services To The Right Audience
  • To Understand How To Target The Right Audience For Less Ad Spend
  • To Get Higher Profit Margins By Targeting The Right Search Terms

The Course includes Articles, Templates & Tools That'll Optimize Your Google Ads!

The majority of the tools in this Course are for FREE and will give you instant results. The paid tools are only the very BEST.

See You Inside The The Complete Google Ads Masterclass (Former Google AdWords).


Robin & Jesper

Who this course is for:

  • People Wanting to Become a Top Freelancer
  • Website Owners Who Want to Increase Web Traffic, Conversions, and Sales
  • Business Owners Who Want to Use Google Ads to Grow their Business
  • Anyone Who Wants to Master Google Ads
  • Anyone Struggling to Get Traffic and Sales
  • If You're New In Business & Want to Advertise Effectively
  • Anyone Looking to Start a Career in The Google Ads Space
  • Anyone Who Wants to Build a Brand and a Fan Base Using Google Advertising
  • Someone with a job who wants to create their own business on the side
Worth $ 49.9 $9.99
Bundle Features and Summary
Bundle Features
  • Multiple courses
  • Lifetime access to each course
  • Certificate on completion of each course
  • Big discounts on individual courses as a bundle
  • High priority after sales support
Total Courses 10
Courses Worth$500
Bundle Price$75