Transform Your Business by Transforming Human Capital

Create CEO Definitions Roadmap. Apply Digital Technology for Disruptive Results in Business Process. Start Business Transformation with Human Capital Now!

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Business Management: Human Capital Transformation


The talk today is about Industry Disruption driving Business Transformation.

This change is already occurring. However, there are three legs to the business transformation stool. The first leg is simply improving existing processes or innovating new processes. The second leg is applying digital technology for disruptive results. However, the third leg is often missing. You also have to transform your human capital… that is your people. Sitting on a stool with just two legs can result in a disaster! Most company risks, including technology implementations, fail when the human factor is not also transformed.

In our opinion, a new human capital transformation process is required.

This course provides an overview of how companies can move from talking about Human Capital Transformation to actually transforming their people. As you’ll see, there is not a simple formula that applies to every company. Every company is different. But there is a revolutionary way of thinking and changing the people side of your company that enables sustainable business transformation.

So, let’s see how disruption and business transformation is impacting you today…and how you can transform your human capital.

The course begins with understanding the trends of today that are disruptive and resulting in risks to companies and employees, why Human Capital is the #1 CEO Challenge, and concludes with new paradigms and processes to transform Human Capital.

The recommended step overview includes “How to”:

  • Create a CEO Definitions Roadmap
  • Apply talent acquisition for disruptive results
  • Continue through talent management for disruptive results
  • Include a self-motivation program for employees
  • Create integrated reporting and governance programs
  • Integrate ERP, Apps, Development, and Reporting for sustainable results

Who this course is for:

  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CHROs, CIOs, CMOs, CXOs, and any Senior Executive Leader

Basic knowledge
  • Directors and/or P&L owners and above experience; targeting CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CHROs, CIOs, CMOs, CXOs, Senior Executive Leaders and Board Members

What will you learn
  • How is the evolution of digital technology disrupting businesses and their people?
  • What is the #1 Challenge of CEOs?
  • Why executive leadership is critical to implement to the changes necessary for People Transformation
  • What is the HIA People Transformation Process™?
  • Who, besides HR, need to be involved in Human Capital Transformation?
Course Curriculum
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