Explanation with Numericals: Structure of Atom

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If you are a student of Chemistry...

If you don't like chemistry, but you need to learn this topic just for the sake of exams...

If you know the concepts, but don't know how to do numericals on this topic....

Then this course is for you.

Each lecture includes the numericals or multiple-choice questions and lots of quiz questions.

The lectures are very small so that you don't get lost in the topic.

I hope you will enjoy.

Negative and positive comments, both are welcome. This will help me in improving the lectures.

Good luck...

Basic knowledge
  • No requirements, only the student has the willingness to understand the basic tools to start with the chemistry

What will you learn
  • Know the history of atomic models, electrons, protons and neutrons
  • Learn about atomic number, atomic mass, isotopes and isobars
  • Understand the concept of quantum numbers and orbitals
  • Write the electronic configuration of elements
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 19 Total Duration: 01:53:22

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