Motivation: Find out what Triggers Motivation in Others

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Motivation involves understanding what makes individuals tick and how we can successfully motivate people that we work with.  

Finding the key to what inspires and motivates people is never easy. It has often been said that motivating individuals is much harder than creating an environment in which people are motivated. But this won't work for everyone.

Sometimes the hardest thing for people is finding a way to motivate themselves. They say they want to do something and they don’t do it. 

This short course is aimed at managers at all levels and team leaders who wish to learn more about what motivates the people that they work with for greater performance. Conversely, it will help you identify what will demotivate someone.  

The course is based on NLP Meta Programs and helps you to identify what motivational triggers are. These reveal what will make a person do something or prevent a person from acting in a certain way.  

All this shows up in how a person talks.

So, the course will help you find out needs and drives of others through conversational techniques. This means that you can then put emphasis on how to better motivate individuals to achieve better results towards their own personal objectives.  

One of the most important things about motivating yourself and staying motivated is to know your own motivation triggers. You can determine this with a structured process that is supplied within the course that with enable you to format a conversation naturally and get to the heart of someone's core motivation. Use the appropriate influencing language for maximum impact and learn how to apply it in any context. 

Determine a person's motivation by exploring their

  • Motivational Level
  • Criteria of Motivation
  • Motivational Direction
  • Source of Motivation
  • Reason for Motivation
  • Decisions of Motivation

Work with these 6 motivational triggers and find out what it is that people need to get excited about something.  

Basic knowledge
  • You should have an interest and understanding of emotional intelligence but no prior knowledge and experience is needed to benefit from the course
  • You will have an interest in how to interact with other people to motivate and encourage them to work more effectively
  • You will also be keen to identify and understand how to motivate others through appropriate language

What will you learn

By completing this course, you will be able to

  • Determine a person's six motivational triggers through conversation
  • Appraise conversational techniques to build rapport and empathy
  • Interpret and evaluate what motivates others to achieve a higher level of performance
  • Relate to people better engaging with them at a deeper level
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